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Warm Nest for Cold Winters

Warm Nest for Cold Winters

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Ensure your furry friends stay warm and protected during the cool months with our Warm Nest for Cold Winters. Keep your pets cozy and happy as the temperature drops. Say farewell to trembling pets and welcome in the snug ones.

Enjoy ultimate comfort and durability for your furry friend with our Warm Nest. Made with soft and breathable materials, it's the perfect size for most pets. Simply toss it in the washing machine to keep it fresh and clean.

Material: PP cotton
S: 45cm*40cm*12cm (17.68 * 15.72 * 4.8 inches) Up to 5kg
M: 58cm*45cm*14cm (22.79 * 17.68 * 5.5 inches) Up to 7kg
L: 68cm*55cm*16cm (26.72 * 21.6 * 6.29 inches) Up to 10kg
XL: 80cm*65cm*17cm (31.44 * 25.54 * 6.69 inches) Up to 12kg
XXL: 95cm*75cm*cm18cm (37.33 * 29.48 * 7.08 inches) Up to14kg
XXXL: 110cm*85cm*19cm (43.23 * 33.4 * 7.47 inches) Up to 17kg

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