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Warm Bear Paw Shape Super Soft Beds

Warm Bear Paw Shape Super Soft Beds

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Give your pet the ultimate cozy sleeping experience with these Warm Bear Paw Shape Super Soft Beds. The unique shape provides extra warmth and comfort, making it the perfect place for your furry friend to curl up and nap. Treat your pet to a warm and snuggly bed today!

Extra Comfort - Perfect for pets that enjoy curling up! The raised edge offers gentle support for the head and neck, while the ultra-soft padding soothes joint and muscle pain. Your furry friend will be completely at ease!

Eases Anxiety - The rim gives a feeling of security and comfort, mimicking a mother's fur coat to reduce anxiety and calm the nervous system.

Improved Behaviour & Health - Your pet's behavior and health will improve thanks to reduced stress and anxiety. This will make both you and your pet's experience more enjoyable!  

Cleaning Pet Hair Is Easier - When your furry friend dozes off, it tends to leave behind some fur. Allow them to slumber in a designated spot where it is most concentrated, and tidying up will become less of a chore!

Ultra-Soft Hypoallergenic Fabric - Crafted from luxurious vegan fur, this material is expertly designed to be gentle on your furry friend's skin and not trigger any allergies or irritations. Its plush, resilient fibers are also machine-washable for convenience.

Easy To Clean - Feel free to clean the removable cover using your washing machine with these settings: (Gentle cycle, Tumble dry, low heat).

Modern Style - This paw-shaped bed has a unique design that sets it apart from other pet beds. It serves as not just a comfortable resting spot for your pet, but also as a decorative piece in your home, adding warmth and comfort. This bed is made with your pet's comfort in mind.

Material: Cloth
M: diameter of 55cm
L: diameter of 65cm
XL: diameter of 80cm
XXL: diameter of 90cm

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