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Three-layer Waterproof Absorbent Pad

Three-layer Waterproof Absorbent Pad

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Protect your floors and furniture from pet messes with our Three-layer Waterproof Absorbent Pad. Its three layers provide maximum absorbency, while the waterproof design keeps your home clean and dry. Say goodbye to stains and stress, and hello to a happy pet and a clean home.

Keep urine clean and warm by absorbing water. This pad is warm and comfortable, soft, and reusable, with strong water absorption that quickly soaks up liquids.

The urinary barrier layer prevents leaks, does not ball or wrinkle, and prevents side leakage, while the four-layer design resists dirt and is perfect for pets.

The multi-layer indirect compounding process ensures durability, with no layering or creases.

The first layer: 100% polyester raised cloth
The second layer: polyester fiber
The third layer: PVC waterproof layer
S: 40cm*60cm
M: 70cm*80cm
L: 80cm*90cm

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