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Tactical Harness And Leash

Tactical Harness And Leash

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Transform your daily walks into an adventure with our Tactical Harness and Leash. Designed specifically for bigger dogs, this harness provides comfort and control for both you and your furry companion. Say goodbye to tugging and pulling, and hello to enjoyable walks together.

Military-standard Material: Both Metal Shoulder Buckles are able to withstand strong pulling, ensuring your dog's safety during training, hunting, work, and any other activity.

Practical Design For Versatile use: Easily display your dog's unique personality with our Tactical Harness And Leash, featuring multiple Hook & Loop Panels for attaching morale patches and badges. Perfect for showcasing their individuality in a variety of settings. service, law enforcement, hunting, or outdoor recreation

Maximum Control & Security: Enhanced top grip for added control and effortless assistance in all types of situations, whether routine or precarious.

Material: polyester
S: Girth: 55cm-71cm (22-28 inches), Back: 24cm (9.5 inches), Neck base: 45cm-50cm (18-20 inches), Neck to armpit: 28cm (11 inches), Maximum 30kg
M: Girth: 71cm-89cm (28-35 inches), Back: 28cm (11 inches), Neck base: 45cm-61cm (18-24 inches), Neck to armpit: 30cm (12 inches), 15-35kg
L: Girth: 71cm-101cm (28-40 inches), Back: 30cm (12 inches), Neck base: 53cm-81cm (21-32 inches), Neck to armpit: 33cm (13 inches), 30-40kg
XL: Girth: 81cm-114cm (32-45 inches), Back: 33cm (13 inches), Neck base: 60cm-76cm (24-30 inches), Neck to armpit: 37cm (14.5 inches), 40-55kg

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