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Super Absorbent Towel

Super Absorbent Towel

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Introducing our Super Absorbent Towel! Made with advanced fabric technology, this towel absorbs water and moisture quickly, making it perfect for everyday use or on-the-go. Say goodbye to wet and damp towels, and hello to a faster drying experience. Stay dry and comfortable with our Super Absorbent Towel.

This towel is made with super absorbent and permeable fibers to quickly dry your dog's fur. The comfortable and breathable texture makes for a pleasant drying experience. With a unique double pocket design, this towel is perfect for wiping down your dog after bath time. Crafted with care, it is durable and long-lasting. The towel can also be hung for easy storage, saving you space.

Material: Chenille
Size: 62cm*23cm

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