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Soft Winter Bed

Soft Winter Bed

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Introducing the Soft Winter Bed - your new cozy haven for those cold winter nights. Made with the softest materials, this bed offers you a warm and comfortable sleeping experience. Snuggle up and stay warm all night long.

Cozy: Crafted from delicate cotton linen, our pet bed provides a warm and comfortable resting place for your furry friend.

Reversible Design: Featuring a cotton linen front and soft cotton back, our bed can be used on either side for year-round comfort.

Sturdy Material: Constructed from durable fabric, our product is tough enough to withstand pet's chewing and can be used all year long.

Plush Filling: Our bed is generously filled with cotton to keep your pet cozy and prevent sinking.

Versatile Use: Perfect for dogs, cats, and other pets, our bed is suitable for a variety of applications.

Material: Cloth
M: 53cm*42cm*18cm (max 10kg)
L: 63cm*55cm*20cm (max 20kg)
XL: 73cm*63cm*22cm (max 30kg)

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