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Silicone Massage Brush

Silicone Massage Brush

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This Silicone Massage Brush is the perfect tool for giving your furry friends a relaxing massage. Made with soft and flexible silicone bristles, it gently massages their skin while removing dirt and promoting healthy fur. Treat your pets to a spa day with our Silicone Massage Brush.

Make your pet's skin feel clean and restore its natural shine and luster with our Silicone Massage Brush. Perfect for pets with sensitive skin, our handheld grooming tool won't pull on hair but provide a soothing massage.

Turn grooming into a pleasurable experience that leaves your pet feeling fresh and helps maintain a healthy coat and skin.

On the top of the bottom of the brush, you can easily access the small ring to pour in shampoo and water.

Dilute your pet's shampoo beforehand, then hold the brush and evenly distribute the lather onto their fur during bath time.

Material: Silicone 
Size: 7.9cm*8.5cm*5.5cm

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