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Scooper with bags

Scooper with bags

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Tired of picking up after your furry friend? Our Scooper with bags is the perfect solution! Easily scoop up their waste with our user-friendly design. Keep your hands clean and your walks hassle-free with this handy and useful tool. No more messy cleanups - just pure convenience!

Don't worry about dealing with dog poop any longer! When taking your dog for a walk, be sure to bring a pooper scooper and a leash.

Make cleaning up after your dog a breeze by bringing plastic bags, newspaper, or a pooper scooper.

Put the bag on the Scooper and make sure you clean up after your furry friend!

Easy and convenient for you!

Material: plastic
S: 25.5cm*7.5*11cm
L: 43*11.5*14.5cm

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