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Rotating Windmill Toy

Rotating Windmill Toy

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Make playtime extra fun for your feline friend with our Rotating Windmill Toy! This toy is specifically designed for cats, providing endless entertainment as the windmill rotates. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a happy, stimulated cat!

The suction base allows for versatile placement, whether on the floor, doors, windows, or under a table. The toy also includes 2 transparent bins on the round windmill blade for placing light balls, bells, and mint balls to engage cats. Simply flip the windmill to activate spinning, discouraging cats from scratching.

The unique design is both comfortable and entertaining for cats, featuring a built-in wearable luminous ball, catnip, and educational toys to improve intelligence and alleviate worries. The soft and environmentally friendly material comes in a variety of colors, and the built-in luminous ball uses LR44 batteries. This toy effectively improves cat intelligence and promotes teeth grinding.

Material: TPR
Size: 16cm*7.5cm*7cm

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