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Personalized Dog Harness

Personalized Dog Harness

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Make walks more enjoyable with our Personalized Dog Harness. Customizable with your dog's name, this harness offers a secure and comfortable fit, preventing choking or discomfort. Perfect for daily walks or outdoor adventures with your best friend. Give your furry companion the best with our personalized harness.

Super comfortable: The pressure is distributed evenly, preventing pulling and choking. The harness features an adjustable chest strap with a snap-on buckle, allowing for free movement of your dog's body parts. It can also be customized to fit your dog's growth, eliminating the need to constantly readjust.

Sturdy handle: The durable nylon handle increases your distance from your dog while also improving intimacy. It is a great companion for service dogs and makes controlling your dog effortless.

Outdoor safety: Keep your dog safe and always visible with reflective straps, perfect for daily activities such as walking, running, or hiking. Attach your dog leash to the D-ring for added safety on busy streets.

Material: Nylon
Baby 1: Bust - 25cm-31cm
Baby 2: Bust - 30cm-41cm
XS: Bust - 36cm-50cm
S: Bust - 50cm-60cm
M: Bust - 55cm-65cm
L: Bust - 65cm-80cm
XL: Bust - 70cm-90cm
XXL: Bust - 90cm-120cm

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