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Magic Scratcher

Magic Scratcher

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Entertain your furry friend for hours with our Magic Scratcher! This unique toy will provide endless fun for your cat, keeping them entertained and happy. Say goodbye to boring toys and let your cat experience the magic of our scratcher.

Don't let your furniture get ruined by your cat's natural urge to scratch! The Magic Scratcher provides a safe and satisfying place for your cat to scratch, promoting healthy nail growth and reducing stress.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Discover the fun shape of Magic Scratcher, perfect for stretching, playing, and satisfying your feline friend's natural clawing instincts. Suitable for cats of all ages, this two-in-one scratcher can be transformed into a bone shape for grinding claws, a cozy crib for napping, or simply used for endless scratching enjoyment.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable: This eco-friendly Magic Scratcher is made from high-quality corrugated paper and non-toxic cornstarch glue. Its neutral design mimics tree bark and features a thickened mesh honeycomb density with tight gaps for durability and claw protection. The different touch experiences will keep your cats entertained and satisfied. Plus, this design makes the scratcher 50% more durable than regular ones.

Material: Corrugated honeycomb paper

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