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Long Tunnel Toy

Long Tunnel Toy

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Enhance your cat's playtime with our Long Tunnel Toy! Made specifically for feline friends, this tunnel offers endless fun and exercise. Your cat will love exploring and chasing through the long, durable design. Give your cat the best playtime with our Long Tunnel Toy.

This collapsible tunnel is perfect for taking out and carrying with ease. It's made of high-quality materials that provide warmth, softness, and durability, ensuring long-term use. Plus, with two available sizes, it can accommodate kittens, rabbits, and multiple cats. You can even connect multiple tunnels to create a fun play area for more than two cats.

Material: Suede
S: 67cm*30cm (26.38*11.81inch)
M: 130cm*30cm (51.18*11.81inch)  

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