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Food Dispenser

Food Dispenser

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Turn feeding your pet into a fun and beneficial experience with our Food Dispenser. It encourages slower and more interactive feeding, keeping your pet entertained and improving their cognitive abilities. Strengthen your bond with your pet and promote a healthier lifestyle with this easy device.

Our Food Dispenser is designed with treats balls to prevent rapid eating and limit the number of treats. This helps prolong dogs' feeding time and improves digestion, promoting a healthy physical body. The toy also slows down feeding to aid with digestion and bloating. Made with high-quality, non-toxic plastic, this Pet Food Ball is durable for your dog's active play. It's specially developed to improve IQ and mental stimulation for both dogs and cats. With this toy, your smart dog will use its senses to find the hidden snacks, satisfying their curiosity and appetite. The tumbler design allows for rolling in a small area while playing, keeping the dog food from being scattered around.

Weight: 138g
Size: 10cm*11.7cm
Diameter: 2cm


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