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Food Catapult Toy

Food Catapult Toy

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Introducing our Food Catapult Toy for pets! Let your furry friend have endless fun and be playful with this toy. Simply load the catapult with their favorite treats, and watch them chase and catch their snacks. Keep your pet entertained for hours with this interactive toy.

It comes with a wrist strap, that makes it very portable.
The handle is designed to give you a comfortable grip.
Perfect for dogs and cats, easy to load and fun to use.
This toy is great interactive fun for you and your dog/cat.
It is easy to load with your pet's favorite treats and has a spring-loaded trigger to launch treats.
No need to hold those treats and worry about getting the crumbs off your hands.
You can now keep your hands free to pet your dog.

Material: ABS Plastic
Size: 19cm*11cm*3cm

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