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Automatic Retractable Leash

Automatic Retractable Leash

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Take control of walks with the Automatic Retractable Leash. Its innovative design allows for automatic retracting, providing ease and convenience for pet owners. No more tangled leashes or constant pulling. Enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable walk with your furry friend!

3M(10ft), for dogs 1-15kg
5M(16FT), for dogs 10-20kg ( if the dog is not reactive, it can be used up to 40kg)

Attach the silver metal hook to the ring on the dog's collar or harness.
Please hold the leash by the handle, not the leash tape.
The leash will run in and out freely without sagging.
Slide the brake button completely forward(Away from you).
Slide the brake button completely back(Toward you).
The leash will remain at a fixed length.
It is recommended to use the lock only when you want the dog to walk to heel.
Always fully retract and lock the leash before removing the hook from dog's

Eco-friendly & durable PP casing with a modern look, stainless steel internal spring that won't corrode, and high-strength nylon ribbon. No more buying a new leash every year.

A smooth and easy one-touch locking system ensures the capability to adjust the length of the leash as you need. 

The bright-colored belt matches the accent trim on the body of the leash. This enables you, and those around you, to see the line more easily when extended. When walking multiple dogs, use one blue and one pink to easily distinguish the correct line.

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