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Automatic Laser Toy - USB Chargable

Automatic Laser Toy - USB Chargable

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Engage and entertain your furry friend with our Automatic Laser Toy. Equipped with a USB charger, this toy provides endless playtime for your pet. Watch as they chase the laser around, promoting exercise and mental stimulation. Keep your pet active and happy with our easy-to-use and rechargeable toy.

After 15 minutes under normal working conditions, the laser lamp will be automatically turned off and enter the power saving mode. Until 1 hour and 30 minutes later, the laser will automatically turn on again.
USB Rechargeable Battery
Compared to replacing alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries with micro-USB charging ports are more convenient and eco-friendly. Cats can play for nearly 5 hours on a single charge of 1 hour with this rechargeable collar toy.
The interactive cat collar is made of selected PC, and TPC material, soft, durable and washable. which is harmless for cats or other pets. A lightweight collar is comfortable to wear on the neck of kittens.

Size: 310 * 34mm
Length: 200-310mm

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